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Is Easy Overrated?

My grandma recently gave me a few old newspapers from the 1920s. Dust filled the air while I traveled through this paper time machine. There were hundreds of articles, stories, and advertisements. Little shreds of paper fell to the floor as I carefully turned the century-old yellow pages.

“Easy” back then was exciting. Advertisements exclaim:

“ICE-from the HEAT that freezes! No Noise, No Moving Parts!”

“Ice in the future, may be delivered to the house in cardboard cartons. However, it will not be the solid block now plunked down into the icebox, but ice cracked into small pieces.”

In addition, Maytag ® asks the simple question, “Are You a Washing Machine or Do You Own One?”

One hundred years later, did “ease” become something else? We feel entitled to this same (and more) convenience that was a novelty not so long ago. The words “easy” and “simple” may be used interchangeably, but I feel are very different. When something is easy, there is freedom from discomfort and difficulty. "Simple" is more elusive. In fact, Merriam-Webster has ten definitions of “simple.”

At a glance, “simple” is not very exciting. However, I feel simple is often underrated. Many times the important things in life are the little things. Throwing fall leaves into the air, creating snow angels, or splashing in the pool are some of these joyful beautiful moments.

As humans, we may back away from something “hard.” However, is that what our brain and body need? For example, exercise can be challenging, but moving my body even if I do not want to has long term benefits. Goethe states, “everything is hard before it is easy.” Difficulties create strength. In fact, studies show challenges can also help with neuroplasticity and brain growth.

Don't get me wrong, it is nice to not need to go ice cutting every winter and store it properly each summer. However, I will remember to be mindful and appreciate the next time I simply press “ice” on my refrigerator.

What do you think? Is “easy” overrated?

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