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Are Dandelions a Flower or Weed?

Dandelions pop up as April begins. This beckons the question: Are they a flower or weed? It depends on who you ask! However, technically, they are considered a flower. This bloom is part of the zinnia family and has been well respected for most of its long history until fairly recently. Rumor even has it that dandelions were purposely brought over to the New World from the Mayflower.


Personally, I love them! Dandelions are the epitome of childhood. It is said the dandelion is a representation of the sun, moon, and stars.  For example, the transformation of its yellow to white and then “stars” as seeds are dispersed through the air. In fact, dandelion seeds are designed to spread far and wide up to hundreds of miles!


Dandelions represent innocence as well as childhood’s fleeting time. Much like the seeds blown through the air, childhood travels too fast.

I want to capture more of these brief moments. A few weeks ago, I decided to create a little garden with my family. We covered tiny seeds with dirt as I explained to my kids we have to trust that the plants will grow. The seeds will grow with proper time, nourishment, and sunlight. It may be difficult to imagine when packing a tiny seed into the dirt that it will eventually grow. However, it is trusting the process.


Isn’t that just like motherhood? We plant our little seeds and many times all we can do is let go of our control and have confidence in the process of growth. In fact, confidence comes from the Latin word “confidere” which means “to trust.” Gardening, like parenting, takes time, nourishment, and light. It also requires trust. Seeds are so incredibly small. It is easy to question if we are doing a “good enough job.” We quickly doubt ourselves and forget to take a step back and look at the big picture.  


Like the dandelion, our seeds will also disperse into the wind. The flowers we plant will bloom. It is in the act of planting them, providing warmth, and love that really matters.

Thanks for taking the time to read! “To Mom is To Love” mission is to support, encourage, and empower each other as imperfect moms to love as a verb. Subscribe for the latest updates on To Mom is To Love podcasts and writing.

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