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"Designed in Austin, TX"

I just walked by a Kendra Scott jewelry display. I love this brand. Scott’s designs are beautiful and hold a special meaning for me because her pieces state, “Designed in Austin, TX.”

In a way, I was also designed in Austin, TX. I moved to Texas after graduate school and packed everything I owned into a newly purchased 2007 Hyundai Elantra. For the first time, I was alone in the real world and longed for friends and family.

One day, I met a guy named Matt in Austin. I knew on the day we met he was the one I was supposed to marry. Some things in life just make sense. However, that does not mean they are easy. More than a decade into a relationship “designed in Austin, TX”, I have to remind myself of the gem that marriage can produce even if it does require polishing and hard work.

My career was also “designed in Austin, TX.” Coworkers in my pediatric neurology practice became family. These healthcare providers taught me so much and provided a sense of belonging, confidence, and pride. Check out my latest podcast episode where I had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Jeffrey Kerr a retired pediatric neurologist turned writer here: To Mom is To Love with Valerie Probstfeld, NP Podcast

One day, a friend gave me a pink bracelet because I gave it a compliment. She said the bracelet is meant to be “passed on” for kind actions. I thought that was such a neat idea and for a year I wore the bracelet waiting for its compliment. However, much to my surprise, no one said a thing! So I put it away and honestly forgot about it for awhile. However, recently I saw it again. It was on my daughters’ favorite stuffed dog “Charlotte.” They said it is a “beautiful collar” for Charlotte. Funny how I was waiting for a compliment all this time and it eventually came from my daughters (and Charlotte).

As U.S. Mother’s Day approaches, there will no doubt be increased jewelry sales. I encourage you to share their story or with each other. Jewelry has given us special meaning throughout centuries. Think of all the tales our jewelry can tell.

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Thanks for taking the time to read! “To Mom is To Love” mission is to support, encourage, and empower each other as imperfect moms to love as a verb. Subscribe for the latest updates on To Mom is To Love podcasts and writing.

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