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Do You Want to Run A Half Marathon?

This morning, my phone sent a notification of pictures from my Sedona half marathon last year. Before this race, I did not identify myself as a "runner." I would run here and there, but nothing significant. The only substantial race I completed was 15 years ago in San Antonio. Life is busy. A decade passed with motherhood and three babies. Yet, I would tell people, “I am going to run another half marathon someday."

A few years ago, I read the book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. This reignited my motivation. Clear's book is filled with fantastic tips on how to cultivate habits that stick. In the spirit of living life to the fullest, I decided to sign up for another half marathon. This time in Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona seemed like a good choice. I found it motivating to train for a place in such a beautiful area. I put the training days in my calendar and crossed them off when complete. For example, Tuesday "two miles" Sunday "three miles" and it gradually increased. (Hal Higdon has fabulous resources for runners from beginner to advanced). 

Sedona has breath-taking scenery. The afternoon before the race, I walked on the cold wet mud with big and little red rocks everywhere. The colors of the sunset and the full moon shining above the mountains were incredible. 

To my delight, the day of the run was thrilling! The cheering crowds, clear blue skies, and red mountains provided so much motivation. When it felt challenging, I enjoyed the scenery and felt awakened with its beauty and vast stillness. It took months of training to get comfortable running the distance of this race. However, when the time came, I simply was thankful to be alive in the moment and move my body.  

Best of all? I now call myself a "runner." Not because of the miles completed or even the race itself. But because I was able to set a goal for myself and complete it! This year, I am unable to travel far so I decided to sign up for a local race. Whether it is far or close, the feeling is the same!

If you could run a half marathon anywhere, where would it be?

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