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To Mom
Is To Love

Inspiring moms to live their verb. 

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The Imperfect Mom Who Loves 

I thought I would be an A+ mother before becoming a mom. However, within minutes after my child was born, the illusion of control vanished before my eyes.


As the years passed, I realized 

love is the only thing I can control

 Our Verb

Merriam-Webster defines the verb “mother” as “to give birth or rise to” as well as “to care for or protect." Essentially, the verb “to mom” means “to love." Love gives birth, allows ourselves and families to rise, and enables us to care and protect.  

  Our Mission 

To support, encourage, and empower each other as imperfect moms to love as a verb. 

About Me

I am a mom just like you navigating life one day at a time. I love supporting others on this beautiful adventure we call motherhood. 

I am a nurse practitioner with a masters from Yale University. I also am a summa cum laude graduate from Bradley University with degrees in nursing and music. 

Come join me as we navigate our shared name, live our verb, and rediscover our identity. 

From one mom to another, 

Valerie Probstfeld, RN, MSN, FNP-BC



Although I have a medical background, I am not here to offer medical advice. If you have questions or concerns regarding your family's health, please contact your health care provider. 

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