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The MASH game (mansion, apartment, shack, house?) and more road trip ideas to maintain sanity

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Did you ever play the MASH game in a long car ride as a child? In addition to a place to live, you could predict with questionable accuracy a future spouse, pet, career, and type of car.

A pink convertible, owner of an elaborate mansion, pet dolphin, and a husband of any famous good-looking celebrity circa 1995 was my preferable choice. In contrast, one did not want to end up in a shack, married to an annoying boy in class, pet alligator, while driving a hot dog truck!

I am reminded of this not so distant, but a lifetime ago past in our current car ride back home from a summer trip. These days our kids are a bit more fortunate with entertainment options. However, the timeless children car games, magazines, dolls dancing and singing to music, and looking at license plates remains.

Speaking of license plates, we had fun with this Melissa and Doug game:

A fairly easy card game that doubled as reading practice:

As for stops, Buc-ee's is always a fun one if you find yourself in the south. They have unique food and snacks, but also so many bathrooms. If you have not been, check one out, I guarantee you will be impressed!

I also enjoy finding Target along the route as I can get snack reloads for the kids and typically easy access to bathrooms. Chick-Fil-A is also a solid choice.

Other food options that are a hit with my kids are: frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches such as "uncrustables" or snack boxes like "lunchables." Once they have something healthier (like a banana or veggie/fruit pouch), they can have their own individual snack bag.

(The snack bags are decorated before the trip with stickers etc).

For good behavior rewards, suckers can work. However, I find a lot of them on the car floor after the trip. A new thing I tried this time was Lucky Charm marshmallows with success! You can get a bag of just the marshmallows on Amazon:

Comment below for ideas or tips you have!

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