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The Skunk Who Sprayed My Plans

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Today I woke up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning. Still dark and chilly in the house, I put on a sweater and let the dog outside. I sat down on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and wrapped myself in a fuzzy blanket. Unfortunately, almost immediately after sitting down, I heard scratches at the door from the dog wanting to come inside. “Why does she want to come in already?” I thought to myself. Just then, a smell got my attention. The odor that is undeniably from a skunk.
I quickly became frustrated as he smell quickly consumed the house and permeated through every room. To make matters worse, the dog and skunk battle seemed to have occurred
right on our back deck due to the intensity of the odor. I reluctantly put down my coffee.
The frustration grew stronger. Irritated that instead of relaxing, research needed to be performed on skunk smell removal.
I thought to myself, while picking up my cold cup of coffee a bit later, this was supposed to be a peaceful weekend morning. The skunk already sprayed the dog. What emotion can I choose right now instead of frustration? I decided gratitude. I made a mental gratitude list and went upstairs to tell the kids of our silly morning. We played for a few moments and talked about crazy skunks.

When a skunk sprays your dog, make the best of it. We cannot control the uncontrollable. I am not going to go chasing skunks but when it sneaks on my deck and sprays a stink bomb into the morning, it is pleasing to know I was able to turn the morning back to something positive.

How much does a skunk, whether literal or figurative, come and spray your plans? When that happens, what can we be grateful for instead?

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