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Life Lessons from the School Car Line

Many American families have experienced the school car line. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 50 percent of school age children who live close enough to school are taken by personal vehicle. As the numbers of car riders continue to climb, about 25 percent walk or bike and the remainder 25 percent of students take the bus. 

We join this sea of white, black, and silver vehicles in the morning car line. Amongst exhaust and tail lights, one can feel the system in place. Parents and teachers do a great job cooperating as the “keep pulling up” statements are repeated and vehicles inch forward. 

Car lines are becoming increasingly more common. However, my life many times does not feel like this well-oiled machine. It is so easy to become frustrated in the morning. Also, running late seems to occur simultaneously on days of important meetings! 

Despite the stressors this system may create, I discovered the car line is a great time to work on mindfulness. I remind myself to look for smiles on stressful days. The lady who exclaims “pull forward” in a megaphone will also smile. Her body language is relaxed and at ease. This in turn allows me to do the same. 

In addition, I see teachers who love my children and we share stories of pride together. I also see our friendly crossing guard every day. In fact, these modes of transportation allow for a delightful mom community.

I challenge you to look past the brake lights and into these overlooked beautiful moments.

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