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It all started with a police sketch

My dad was a police sketch artist. He drew pictures of suspects and sometimes we would see his drawings on the news. He shared this talent and showed me how to draw. I am thankful for this knowledge. During times when my mind is active with anxiety or stress, I find drawing helpful.

Here is my dad's drawing of me as a child:

There is something therapeutic to the mind about using hands. The repetitive activity puts the brain on a different pathway, which becomes a distraction from frustration and anxiety.

I encourage you to try it out next time your kids are coloring. Pull up a chair and draw right next to them! Bonus, I find this activity also helps calm children down :)

I remember art class in grade school. My teacher ensured we did not leave white on the page. My dad also told me to mix up color. Life, as in art, has much variety.

Here is a picture I drew today of my youngest at the beach:

Art reminds me of mindfulness. When I am mindful, life does seem to have more color. For example, summer and its rich greens, the warm tones of autumn, and the pastels of spring. What are the primary colors outside as you read?

Speaking of green, I find it to be such an interesting color. The human eye can see more green than other shades. Cone cells process the colors red, green, and blue. (Other colors are possible with the overlap of these three). Green is in the midline of the color spectrum (Ask a Biologist 2009). Try it out for yourself. There are literally hundreds of green shades we can see when looking at a tree.

Another awesome colorful phenomenon is a rainbow. At our recent trip to the beach, we saw multiple rainbows. I find them so beautiful and the symbol of calm after a storm.

On a separate green note, check out my cucumbers! We planted these babies from SEEDS back in February. I am so proud of their growth. What is growing in your garden?

Thanks for taking the time to read! What are your thoughts? Let me know at: and subscribe to my monthly newsletter for fun family activities!

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