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Grand Canyon and its Parallels to Life

I stood in awe as the sun started to rise above the stone. The strong wind whipped my hair around, but I could only focus on the Grand Canyon’s beauty and expansiveness. 

A canyon is formed by water that cuts through rocks over time. Huge formations surround the Colorado River that flows down the middle. Interestingly, this river begins up in the “Never Summer Mountains” in northern Colorado. 

I love this planet’s reminders of strength. Over time and through its barriers, a body of water can flow from a cold snowy place up in the Rockies. 

Sometimes my thoughts remind me of “no summer.” Frustration and fear are like hard stones. However, my brain is sculpted like this canyon when I focus on a "river" of mental back roads such as gratitude and compassion. 

The river of conscious positivity can be a driving force of change. Indeed, it can create something vast and beautiful. 

As the sun continues to rise above the canyon, the light transformations are glorious. I gaze upon the blues, pinks, and golds. This little (now big) river created all this.

If water can cut through stone, we can transform our river of thoughts too.

Valerie Probstfeld, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

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