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From Farm to Can then Back to Table

This week it's all about food and nutrition. If you have not already done so, check out my podcast where my guest Prajakta Apte, RDN talks about gut health and healthy eating tips for busy moms:

As for my garden we started back in February, it is moderately successful! I find it very satisfying to watch the plants grow.

Here is a picture of them this past winter:

Farm to Table is all the rage now and for good reason. Yesterday, I ate fresh green beans mixed with olive oil and a bit of vinegar along with simple spices. This combination tasted so bright and fresh. However, my brain did not want to believe it because they looked exactly like the canned green beans of my childhood. I thought to myself how can these things taste so good when I KNOW they did not when I was little? I believe part of the reason is because they were in a can from a factory.

Looking at American history, one was expected to provide food for the family from their farm. Once convenience started taking over, ease was the new fad. Some things are better than others in cans. However, nothing tastes the same as straight from the garden.

How about this for your pizza?!

Ladies Home Journal 1948:

I for one am glad that the farm is back in fashion and we returned to our roots. I even noticed a local library started a seed sharing service. What a fun idea! Two new items I tried this year in my garden was okra and Brussels sprouts. Is there anything new growing in yours?

I seem to eat healthier when there are fresh fruits and veggies easily available. For example, from my garden or the local farmers market. I also think my kids are more likely to try them in these scenarios.

Here is an article excerpt from a 1931 newspaper during the Great Depression: "No diet can be called well balanced that lacks an abundance of fresh, green vegetables. A vegetable garden planted this spring will return ample dividends in health and in helping to make the farm family self-sufficing, able to weather any economic storm."

What's old is new again.

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