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Fall Colors and Getting To Know Your Inner Child

In the height of autumn, red and orange leaves shine brightly in the sun and swirl in the wind. Beautiful fall colors are revealed from decreased light. The alteration of sunlight signals the tree to prepare for winter and its time of rest. As darkness becomes more prevalent with shorter days, the chemical “chlorophyll” ceases production. Chlorophyll produces food for the plant and gives it its green color during the spring and summer months. Plants use red wavelengths for photosynthesis (the process of making its food). Chlorophyll takes in red light for the tree’s energy and the color green is reflected back to our eyes. All this green blocks the tree’s inner colors in the warmer months. As the days grow colder and light decreases, chlorophyll lessens. This process reveals brilliant shades the leaves had in them all along. Beautiful gold tones now shine through and create a different kind of beauty.

The tree’s yellow, orange, and browns are from “carotenoids”. Carotenoids are also present in corn, carrots, and bananas to name a few. The reds are from “anthocyanin” which are produced in the fall in response to sunlight and create a brilliant fire hue. Anthocyanin is also present in strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.

Has there ever been a time in your life decreased sunlight allowed the reveal of something inside that is unique and beautiful? I like to think of autumn or fall as the tree’s inner child. We finally see what was locked away.

When we say we feel something “deep down”, I believe that is our inner child trying to speak. He or she wants to be heard, but may not be quite sure how to do so. Perhaps inner child does not feel safe or strong enough. Some people live a pre-thought out life from a variety of external factors, which may not be aligned with their inner child’s desires. Inner child can be silenced and locked up, but he or she never really leaves. Inner child may also be developmentally delayed. His or her voice diminished or shamed by others.

Let us try to extend a hand of support to our inner child. Be a loving parent to her, give him a hug, and extend a hand of loving support. For many years, I wanted to “find” myself. In essence, “find” my inner child. However, with time I learned Little Valerie was with me all along. She never actually left. She was just locked up in that box. It was the act of trust in myself that allowed more self-discovery. Trust and vulnerability to open the box and set her free.

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