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Embrace Your Cactus in Marriage and Life

This year my husband and I celebrate a decade of marriage. Our wedding was picture perfect on that beautiful fall day 10 years ago. Colors abound with stain glass and bouquets of flowers. However in hindsight, the cactus is an important symbol that was missing.

This may sound a little odd. Why in the world would you want a cactus at your wedding? For obvious reasons, one would not want to hold it while saying "I do." It also could snag your dress or mess up an elaborate hair style! However, it is such an important symbol. Perhaps, a little cactus plant can stand humbly somewhere in the corner to show the newly-weds its resilience. In other words, that life is not as perfect as the wedding day.

For example, in the Sonoran desert, the Saguaro cactus adapts to seasonal draughts. Its ribs contract and expand depending on the amount of water it receives. It also has roots just below the surface as well as a deep root system that branches far and wide.

We may go months without experiencing a day to ourselves, especially once kids come along. Where can each of us go to fill our own bucket? For example, what are one another's hobbies? Making sure we take time to fill our cup allows us to thrive just like the cactus. Especially when there is a draught or storms that inevitably will come in life.

Also, much like raising a family together, the cacti protect other animals and provide them water and food. For example, holes woodpeckers make in the Saguaro give an insulated and cozy nest. Other animals can then live in the hole once the woodpecker is done such as other types of birds, insects, and bats. The cacti selflessly protects these creatures.

Cacti also provide food to humans and medicine. According to the National Institute of Health, the many health benefits of cacti is underutilized and has much potential for future medical research and treatment.

As in marriage as well as life, let us embrace our cactus. There may be prickly parts, but there is something incredibly valuable inside.

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